RAPIDecision® Life

RAPIDecision® Life allows you to qualify for a high face amount of coverage within 24 to 48 hours by answering some questions about your health. The policy is initially a blend of two types of coverage*. One portion is a level premium term life policy that pays a death benefit for any cause of death except those specifically excluded in the policy. Another portion of the coverage is an accidental death benefit that pays an additional death benefit in the case of accidental death.

By undergoing a further paramedical examination within six months, Fidelity Life may adjust the blend of coverage where the percentage of all causes coverage will increase at no additional cost to you. This would happen if your health were as good or better than you reported on your application. If it is discovered that your health is worse than you knew it to be when you completed your application, your policy benefits as originally issued will not change for the term of years you select.

*In some cases coverage can be issued with 100% level premium term life insurance with no further medical underwriting required.

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