Individual Life Insurance Products

As much as we plan for major life events — marriage, our first home, children, retirement — we often overlook one of the most fundamental aspects of a solid financial strategy, and that's life insurance. Life insurance is crucial for helping to ensure that family needs are met in case of the death of a loved one during peak earning years.

Who Needs Life Insurance? 
You need a life insurance policy if anyone depends on your income or stands to inherit a financial burden in the event of your death. The money your dependents will receive, "the death benefit," can help pay essential day-to-day expenses, such as the mortgage and medical bills, and help your family reach longer-term goals such as your children’s college education. Plus, life insurance can help ensure that your loved ones are not burdened with debt, or forced to sell assets to pay outstanding bills or taxes.
What Type of Individual Life Insurance Policies Do You Currently Offer? 
Our current offerings are listed below. Since there are many different types of life insurance products available, contact your Fidelity Life agent today to help you choose the right life insurance policy to fit your needs.

RAPIDecision® Life

Reasonably priced for affordability - level premium term insurance in benefit amounts up to $1,000,000 available with a convenient approval process that can provide coverage in as little 24-48 hours.

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RAPIDecision® Express

Fast, hassle-free level death benefit term life insurance product in benefit amounts from $50,000 to $250,000 for ages 18-65. Uses state-of-the-art application process- a streamlined approval and delivery process that allows you to obtain coverage in days, not months.

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RAPIDecision® Senior Life Term and Whole Life

Flexible options for coverage up to $150,000 designed to fit the needs of individuals ages 50 to 85.

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RAPIDecision® Final Expense

Provides protection for individuals ages 50-85 that can help lessen the burden of covering one’s final expenses. Approvals are based on health questions, and there is no medical exam required. Permanent whole life coverage is available up to $35,000.

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RAPIDecision® Guaranteed Issue

Provides protection for individuals ages 50-85 that can help lessen the burden of covering one’s final expenses. Acceptance does not require answering any medical questions. Permanent whole life coverage is available up to $20,000. Death benefit is full coverage amount after a 3 year reduced benefit period.

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Accidental Death Benefit

For as little as $13 a month, you can have the coverage you need to protect your family and investments with our Accidental Death Benefit insurance.

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Not all products available in all states. Fidelity Life Association is licensed in all states and the District of Columbia, except for Wyoming and New York. Our NAIC number is 63290.

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