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Hybrid Life- New Rider and Premium Rates Effective 1-20-2014

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Hybrid Life Product Changes- Rates and Riders

Hybrid Life Product Changes- Rates and Riders

RATES: Fidelity Life Association will administer new Hybrid Life Term premium rates effective January 20, 2014. Any Hybrid Life applications submitted after January 19, 2014 will have the new rates applied. Applications that are signed by applicant and submitted prior to Monday January 20, will be processed applying the old rates.

The decision to adjust the premium rates for Hybrid has come from the need to meet certain performance criteria. The average 5% rate change should not affect the overall competitiveness of the product and we appreciate your anticipated continued interest in selling Hybrid Life!

RIDERS: We are also very pleased to announce the addition of an optional Dependent Child Rider - NOW AVAILABLE on Hybrid Life. For details on the new dependent child rider features and availability, please see Hybrid info at:

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