10 Year Term Life Insurance Policy

If you already purchased a 10 year term life insurance policy then you may feel your loved ones are safe regardless of what happens to you. A lot can change over a 10 year span so it is important to review your coverage.

Family Changes

Often, people will purchase 10 year term life insurance policies and forget to make adjustments when various aspects change in their life. In the period of ten years a person may get married or divorced. A family may have a child, or they may have three children. If your family situation alters at all it is very important to review your 10 year term life insurance policy or any policy you may have. You want to make sure all of your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your death.


If you have received a promotion at work then your family is counting on you for a higher income. If you purchased your 10 year term life insurance policy before your promotion then you will need to make adjustments to your plan. It is important that your policy is adjusted to fit your financial situation at all times. You want your family to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle in the event that you pass away.


Anytime you make a positive life change it could affect your life insurance rate. If a smoker quits smoking for over a year he/she may get a better insurance rate. The same is true if an overweight person loses weight, that person’s rates may change. Improved health is usually rewarded through life insurance rates.

Annual Review

It is recommended that a person review their life insurance policy annually. If you make this a habit from the beginning then you are more likely to have an insurance policy that reflects your current standard of living. It is important after you purchase a life insurance policy ito not forget it! Make sure you pay attention to your policy because certain changes could really affect your loved one’s future.


If you have already purchased a 10 year term life insurance policy or any life insurance policy then you already understand the importance of life insurance for your family’s future. Make sure you review your policy with any life changes that occur. If you are not sure if something matters it is better to talk to your life insurance agent. You may find yourself with a better rate today!